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How to E-Export to America?


How to E-Export to America?

Many entrepreneurs want to e-export to America, one of the world's largest and most powerful markets. Especially with the strengthening of relations between Turkey and the US day by day, the supply and demand in this area is increasing. In the American market, which has become quite advantageous, there are famous sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart.

Thanks to the opportunities provided by digital transformation, e-export processes that seemed complicated have become easier than before. Today, cargo companies undertake customs activities and software companies offer useful e-export packages. Those who want to e-export to America can also prefer common virtual marketplaces. Selling by creating a website is another method.

One of the most preferred methods for e-export is joint sales channels with a ready-made customer base. A large segment of the e-commerce sector in Turkey follows this method. Sales transactions are realized safely thanks to the convenience and fast delivery advantages it provides in customs procedures. It also provides convenience to sellers as product advertisements are realized through the platform. However, the high competition in common marketplaces makes it difficult to stand out among similar ones.

It is possible for entrepreneurs, brands or companies to realize sales transactions through their personal websites. At this point, it is necessary to support the advertising work, the infrastructure and payment methods required for e-export to America. Having a company and fulfilling the e-export conditions are the main criteria. It is advantageous because no commission is paid to the common marketplace, a personal line can be created, and interaction with the customer can be offered.

Requirements for E-Export to America

E-export, which is a type of export carried out electronically, enables companies to deliver their products and services to consumers abroad. E-export is realized within the framework of electronic trade customs declaration (ETGB) and micro export rules. The difference of e-export from traditional exports is that the products or services reach the customer from the company. In exports, sales are realized from company to company. The e-export model has gained great advantages thanks to the opportunities it offers.

E-exporting to America is among the plans of many businesses or brands aiming to grow. Especially in recent years, mutual studies in this field have strengthened. The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) has initiated efforts to support e-exports to America. In the joint project between Turkey and the US, mentoring will be provided to companies that will e-export in the US market for the first time.

Which Documents are Required for E-Export to America?

Intermediary companies that provide cargo and logistics support undertake the procedures required for e-export to the USA. In transactions carried out in accordance with ETGB and micro export rules, sellers should work with companies that have the necessary authorization in this regard. Intermediary companies provide great convenience for sellers who have the right to issue these commercial invoices.

For those who prefer common marketplaces, the process will vary according to the platform they choose. The amount of tax and VAT to be paid in e-export transactions will be reflected in the total amount. However, since export invoices in Turkey are issued without VAT, it is possible to claim back the in-country VAT costs by applying to the tax office.

What are the Most E-Exported Products to the USA?

The leading products and services that Turkey exports to the US are automotive, textiles, defense and aviation. In the e-export sector, fashion and ready-to-wear products stand out as of 2021. These are followed by electronic products, toys, carpets, furniture, personal care and kitchen products. White goods, shoes, decoration, accessories, cosmetics and garden products are also among the most preferred e-export products.

E-Export Consultancy Service to America

E-exporting to the US can seem like a time-consuming and complex process for beginners. Many existing companies prefer to get support instead of dealing with these processes individually. Companies that offer professional consultancy and accounting services in this field work to ensure that transactions are carried out quickly and safely. As a company, we support you in this regard by providing company formation services in America. If you want to make an effective start, you can get free information by contacting us.