The US is the largest economy and the largest market in the world. In addition, its business-friendly environment and regulations make the US an attractive destination for foreign investment. Foreign investment in the US can take different forms:

  •  Foreign persons can invest directly in US companies, securities or real estate.
  •  Foreign investors may incorporate a new company in the US to engage in business activities. It is not necessary to be a US citizen or US resident to incorporate a company in the US.
  •  Foreign companies can expand their operations into the US by establishing subsidiaries or opening branches.

Consulting for Foreign Investors
The first prerequisite for successful investment in the US is a thorough understanding of the US markets, legislation, oversight and regulatory bodies and the culture of doing business.
Foreign investors, whether as a company or as an individual investor, are liable for tax under US tax law if they are actively engaged in business in the US or if they have passive income in the US, such as interest, dividends, royalties or rents.

  •  Our firm provides legal, accounting, tax and advisory services to foreign investors who wish to invest in the US to help them develop and implement a successful long-term investment strategy.

If you are considering investing in the US or have already decided to do so, our firm assists and guides its clients with a variety of services needed throughout the entire process, from inception to implementation.

  •  Our company first understands the investment objectives of our clients as foreign investors, evaluates investment alternatives, determines the most appropriate investment strategy and assists in the efficient and effective implementation of this strategy.
  •  Since our company carries out the technical details and paperwork related to the investment process on behalf of our clients, our clients can focus only on their business strategies.