Tax audits can be time-consuming and cause a lot of stress as they usually involve many requests for documents and information to check the accuracy of the records included in the tax return. Business owners may not have enough time to properly prepare for and respond to audit requests and are likely to lack detailed knowledge of tax legislation. However, taxpayers are legally entitled to be represented by an authorized tax professional before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax authorities. Therefore, it is much better to be represented by a competent accounting professional who can manage the process, analyze the situation and formulate the most appropriate solution strategy, respond to document requests and deal with other related issues.
IRS Representation

  • Our firm can fully represent our clients as their legal tax representative before the IRS and other tax authorities or advise our clients on the audit process or other issues with tax authorities.
  • If our firm is authorized as the legal tax representative of our clients, we will first examine the financial records to understand the current situation. After analyzing the issues, we will identify possible courses of action, discuss the possible outcomes for each with our clients and advise on which strategy should be implemented.
  • As the legal representative of our clients, our company will carry out everything that needs to be done during the whole process on behalf of our clients. Therefore, the bureaucratic process and related paperwork will not distract our clients and allow them to focus on their business activities.
  • Our company will prepare all the requested information and documents and send the necessary answers to the tax office on your behalf. Thanks to the correct execution of these correspondences, our customers' compliance with the legislation is ensured and the emergence of other problems is prevented.
  • At the end of the audit, if additional tax debts have been imposed on our customers, we assist our customers in negotiations with the authorities to resolve the issue. If an acceptable solution cannot be reached in the negotiations, an appeal can be filed as the next step.