When civil litigation involves complex accounting, tax and financial issues, it is critical for success to have the support of experts with specialized knowledge and experience in these areas. 
Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
Legal support can be provided as a consultancy service and/or as expert witness testimony. When acting as an expert witness, an impartial opinion is given based on the facts presented. In an advisory role, certified public accountants assist lawyers and their clients in understanding the nature of the litigation dispute, formulating a strategy to achieve the desired outcome, and preparing factual reports after reviewing complex accounting, tax and financial issues. This support saves time and money and is vital to building strong evidence to win the case.

A significant number of legal disputes involve fraudulent activities such as theft, collusive transactions, forgery, missing documents, etc. Forensic accounting is therefore an essential component of legal support services. Forensic accounting services help resolve legal issues by applying specialized knowledge and skills to financial records to identify discrepancies and detect fraudulent transactions.

We offer a wide range of legal support and forensic accounting services with our team of experts with diverse knowledge and experience.

  • Our firm provides value-added accounting, tax and financial services to clients at every stage of litigation. Our firm analyzes complex accounting, tax and financial issues, assists with litigation strategies, conducts forensic investigations of fraudulent transactions, provides expert witness testimony and other related services.
  • In every case, our firm prepares clear and effective reports or provides expert witness testimony by using its knowledge in different fields to collect, analyze, process and evaluate all relevant data.
  • Our firm also identifies control weaknesses in our clients' business processes and assists them in implementing the necessary controls to prevent fraudulent behavior.